Why I Switched To Firefox


Fx Wallpaper

Browser is all about giving the user an awesome experience. I realized this fact last year, when I updated my Firefox. Within two weeks, I was in love with Firefox. The force was so strong that I decided to make a complete switch. I had realized all the years spent on other browsers, I wasn’t browsing internet right. Wondering what made me switch? Below, you’ll find your answers.



1. Ultra-Secure Privacy

Firefox is a beast when it comes to protecting your privacy. In fact, its the only browser that does really care about your privacy. From the option of tracking protection to Ghostery, Firefox has tons of option to strengthen your privacy. It also comes with a dedicated Forget button, which is a one click option to clear your browser’s history.

On the other hand, other browsers such as Chrome, keep track of all your records & history to ensure its ads are most relevant. Once you understand how the internet works, you realize how badly your browser had been peeping into your life & tricking you. Privacy isn’t supposed to be a gift but your right.

2. Better Add-Ons

Firefox offers a wide variety of add-ons. Other browsers such as chrome are way behind in the add-on advancement. For instance, getting this extension on Firefox, lets you download Youtube videos without any trouble.

Chrome, has a huge extension market but it seems as if it doesn’t wants you to use them. Often you are required to change multiple settings to use the extension. Thus giving the users an unnecessary pain.

3. Respecting Your Mother Tongue

If you are a type of person, that loves his country and respects his regional languages, you have another reason to support Firefox. Being a Mozilla Localizer, I know how seriously Firefox loves your regional languages.

Being an Indian, I love Hindi. Try using, Firefox in Hindi v/s Rest Browsers in Hindi, to feel the difference. Be careful though, once you realize how carelessly rest browsers including Chrome have been taking your regional language, you might get seriously offended.

4. Security

Firefox has proved itself when it comes to keeping its users secure. It was Firefox that blocked Adobe Flash Player because of a bug that revealed a serious vulnerability issue with the flash player. If you do not want hackers to enter your life, you do have a very strong reason to switch to Firefox and put your worries to end.

5. Reader’s View Mode

Be it blog posts or item descriptions, if you are a kind of user that reads over the internet, you will definitely thank Firefox for the readers view mode. Reading becomes a pleasure once you click & go into the reader’s view mode. Safari does offer the same while Chrome again, has still been neglecting its users in this area.

6. Open Source

If you are a computer science geek, you already are familiar with the word “open-source”. While Chrome & Safari continue to not become open source browsers, Firefox stills stand firm to its commitment to Open Source.

With better customization options & tech-support, Firefox has always loved its users. Firefox is the only browsers that listens to its users rather than shareholders. Time & time, Firefox has proven its commitment to its users by taking bold moves & actions.

I have been helping people with their browser related issues, and I have seen that the more you use Firefox, the more you love it. If you use Firefox, and still don’t love it, you probably haven’t been using it right. If you have any issues with your browser, feel free to come up, I would love to help. Use Firefox the right way, you’ll love it.


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