Mini Moz-Session || Firefox Hindi Download

It was the evening of September 26th, 2015 when I dropped at Hari Om Traders, a Patanjali Ayurved store for a Moz-Session.The purpose of the session was to spread awareness about FOSS to students. The group consisted of 5 students. Four of the attendees were college students while one of them is about to walk into graduation journey next year.


I started the session with clarifying the agenda for the meetup. Next, I started a discussion on how technology & generations have been evolving around us. I am always mesmerized to see my niece who mastered unlocking and playing her favorite video rhymes on Ipad within the first year of her life. Whereas, when I compare myself against her, the only thing that I was good at was eating mud.

Next, I talked about FOSS and its importance. I told them what makes FOSS awesome and an essential component of our life. We talked about various FOSS alternatives such as Libre Office, Ubuntu etc.

Next, I told them about Mozilla and what separates Mozilla from the rest. I also showed them the Mozilla Story. No wonder they loved it.

We also had a discussion on why spreading Web Literacy is much needed. I told them about Firefox in Hindi and about the importance of a localized browser in diverse country such as India. I also them about FSA program and contribution areas in Mozilla.

The guy on the right downloaded Firefox Hindi on his laptop.


We sat together for a couple more minutes and discussed on various questions that they had. Once, their questions were answered, we ended the session.


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