Kitchen Party @12th Sept, Lucknow

It was 12th Sept, 2015 when I was supposed to return back to Parijat Palace to host a Kitchen Party. Since, it was raining heavily that day, we had to change the plans a little bit. Instead of hosting the event at Parijat Palace, everyone decided to drop at a relative’s house. Although it was a bit unfortunate that a couple of people couldn’t join us due to rainfall.

I had recently attended Mozilla Hindi l10n Meetup at Delhi. The attendees were curious to know my experience. Hence, the party started with sharing my experience and the things I learned at the meetup. After the discussion, we moved to the agenda of the party. Since Samarth (to my right), was a complete novice to coding, I started the discussion about basics of HTML.


Next, we moved to play with X-Ray Goggles. Satyam (to my left), had some previous experience with X-Ray Goggles. Although for Samarth, X-Ray Goggles was a completely new tool. I spent around 45 minutes on demonstrating and explaining them about Webmaker and my makes. Next, it was the turn of the attendees to try their own.

At times, Samarth, seems veteran in knowing how to make me smile. My past couple of days, hadn’t been going as good as usual. But, after seeing this remix by Samarth,  I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

      Remix by Samarth

Even though, the remix made by him, was quite easy but it still convinced me to give him a spare Firefox sticker I had left. Two reasons that I did so were:

  • As a thank you gift for sharing Firefox love.
  • It was his first encounter with tech-stuff. Hope it inspires him to continue exploring further.

The party lasted for another 30 minutes as Satyam tried his hands with X-Ray Goggles. Satyam remixed, one of published remixed version of
Since, it was getting pretty dark, we wished each other a good night and left for the way back to home.

Happy Remixing !


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