India User Research – Unsolving The Flash Drive Mystery

If you ever seen me carrying a pen drive, there is a good chance you have thrown me a question “WOW! Man how did you got this Firefox USB Drive?“. Whatever be the occasion, if I have the pen drive with me, I have been facing this very same question. Hence, I am writing this post to unlock the mystery and refresh some memories.

It was 4th of December, when I received this mail. Why I got this mail? I had applied for the India User Research Project. Selected

This activity was only accessible to FSA’s who registered for the same in time.  I was supposed reach out to two types of target groups equally to collect data:

  •  Users having Firefox in their Computer
  •  Users without Firefox in their Computer
    We had to ask several questions to the users and take their “msinfo log file” with their permission.



I was able to gather around 50 data files. We had to submit all this data via a survey form that shared earlier. The deadline to complete this project was 20th June, 2014.

Wiki Page:


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