Independence Day With Under Privileged Kids #TeachtheWEB #MozUP #Isupportfoundation #YouthEve

15th August, the day when India got its Independence. How can one not love such a marvelous country.


We, at MozUP had decided to celebrate this Independence Day with Underprivileged Kids. We joined Youth Eve and Isupportfoundation in this celebration near Neelgiri Complex, Lucknow.

The celebration started with Flag Hosting followed by National Anthem.
And distributed snacks between the underprivileged kids. It was great to those little faces filled with smile. How ironical, the country talks about digitized India and still struggling for a Independent Internet. #RealNetNeutrality  #facepalm



Next, we had a National flag tattoo painting session. Everyone got Tri-colored. The little kids were so excited to get themselves the tattoo, that they were even skipping their snacks.




While the kids were getting themselves a Tri-Color Tattoo, we started introducing them to our laptops. We held their little fingers in our hands, and taught them a couple of very basic things like opening a file, playing default games etc.


We had a dance and movie session. Wish I had the dance videos to share. the little kids were so talented  dancers. Those moves made me go “OMG!!”.



Lastly, we had a photography session.


Second Final



It was real joy to celebrate the Independence Day with the future of the country.

Thanks To:

Bobby Ramani, Founding Director @Isupportfoundation
Kishu Jaiswal, Manging Director @Youth Eve
Vinay Sonker, for wonderful photos.
Ashish Mishra for arranging such a wonderful opportunity for MozUP.
Special Thanks and apologies to the ones whom I missed.

Event Link:


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