The Awesome Mozsome Maker Party @Kanpur

28th July, 2015, a bright pretty morning, and we all set out to start a journey to Kanpur for a Maker’s Party. After a fun railway journey of around 90 minutes we reached Kanpur. Amir was there to pick us up and help us reach Guru Har Rai Academy. After we reached the school, we realized how awesome the staff was. They greeted us very warmly. Since, we had reached the venue before the event starting time, we got enough time to freshen up ourselves. The school management had arranged some snacks for us. Another day where I had to miss the beverage, since it was a coffee #No_Tea_No_Coffee_Policy. I think I should write a post on this policy someday.

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After gearing up, we entered the room decorated for the purpose. The attendees were very much excited to see us. The session started with a silence for the our beloved countrymen Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Kalam Ji

Vnisha, took the charge next and started with the Webmaker session. She introduced everyone from MozUP. She talked about FOSS, Web Literacy, Mozilla & Mozilla’s Mission. The attendees were really amazed when they saw that how Mozilla had been trying to build a generation of Web Makers. The students were having special sparkling eyes when Vnisha told them about Webmaker tools.

Vnisha Vnisha Talking about Mozilla Products
Vnisha Talking about Mozilla Products


Next, was my turn to explain the students about “App Maker”. I gave a live demo of Apmaker. To make it even better, I called up a couple of students and helped them with creating the app. I already had created an app for the venue school “Guru Har Rai Academy” to motivate the students. I wasn’t surprised to see the idea worked. All thanks to the discussion that happened in previous meet ups which gave me this idea the night before the event.

Priyank Talking About AppMaker
Priyank Talking About AppMaker

Next, Ashish gave them a live demo of X-Ray Goggles. He had remixed the school’s website into a Mozilla UP website. No wonder how the students would have reacted. Absolute stunner from the box, followed by a big round of applause. But, this wasn’t enough. The Party had still the biggest kick left.

Ashish Talking about X-Ray Goggles
Ashish Talking about X-Ray Goggles

We took a small break of 10 minutes and moved to the Computer Laboratories. It was now the turn for students to create something new of their choice. The students looked very happy and enthusiastic while they were working with webmaker tools. The attendees were very eager followed by happiness when they had successfully made something of their own. I am sharing two incidents that I probably will remember for a long time.

Incident 1: Like, I said earlier, I was inviting students to come and build an App with me. I was continuously shuffling the students for the one extra side that was lying beside me. When I invited a volunteer for the first time, a student named “Shikhar” came up. Second time, I invited students, three of them came up. To avoid clogging of chairs, I shared my chair with one of them as you can see in the pic below. Third time, when I invited someone to come up front, I realized my idea of calling volunteers had a flaw. This time, all of the students sitting behind me came rushing up front. I had a total mix of feelings: “Happiness + Excitement + Surprised + Joy”. Unfortunately, I had to send them back as the place was getting clogged. Wish there was enough space.

    My chair is being shared with the guy to my right
My chair is being shared with the guy to my right

Incident 2: I was hopping from desks to desks to help out students with Appmaker. Suddenly, the faculty in red, called me to help a group of girls stuck with inserting image in app. I went up there to sort out their concern. While I was explaining them about their mistake, I didn’t realized that a couple of students nearby were busy talking, until someone said “Chup Rahogi. Bhaiyya kuch bata rahe hain.” (Translation: Will you shut Up. Brother’s telling something). I was surely taken by surprise. Wasn’t expecting to find such huge enthusiasm in children. Makes me wonder why they blame women for gossiping the most.

The red woman called me up

Even today, they are still reaching us with queries regarding making their own apps and remixing web-pages. We had asked the students to submit their apps (link) to an etherpad. You may find the submissions here

Some Apps created by students
Some Apps created by students
Students Trying To Make Apps
Students Trying To Make Apps

This was the third event for #MozUP that happened in July. We are now discussing the lessons, feedback, ideas and tons of community growth stuff learned from the events. In my personal opinion these events are helping the members of MozUP come close to each other and thus aiding in building a beast of a community. Another couple of months, and you would see what I mean.

Way back in 2013, while interning for Twenty19, I had realized the true meaning of the fact “Life is all about learning.” Glad that MozUP is acting as a perfect place to learn & explore creativity.

Special Thanks To:
Shahid Ji for always being there to mentor us.
Umesh Ji for the swags. Also for the support he provides me during l10n.
Amir Khan for helping us. Had he been not there, none of this might had happened.
MozUP team for acting as a unit.
To the people I am missing unknowingly.

Venue: Guru Har Rai Academy, Kanpur

Event page:

Vnisha’s Blog:

Event Report:

Makes By Students:

Discussion Etherpads:
.                                  Upload UploasMaker Party

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