A Short Insight:Preparatory Maker Party MeetUP

It was 25th July, 2015 when MozUP sat down down together at Ashish’s house to discuss and plan out the upcoming Maker Party to be held at Kanpur on 28th July, 2015. The venue was easier to reach than expected. Have to say, I am getting good with locating addresses. We sat down and after some friendly talks, we got to the motive behind this meetUP. Meanwhile, Ashish brought some snacks and glasses of water. Oh wait, it was his sister that helped us with our stomachs. Thanks to her. How could I possibly expect Ashish to bring something to eat. After all, he’s the hungriest kid in the community 😛

From Left: Rajat, Priyank, Vnisha, Ashish


We next started with the discussions on Webmaker and Maker Party. Half an hour later, we were finally able to finalize the contents and duration of the topics to be covered in the Maker_Party. We were next joined by Rajat followed by Ravindra shortly. Seeing the perfect opportunity, we ensured that everyone had command over the Webmaker tools. Personally, I love using AppMaker. You can find one of my first apps by clicking Hackalife

The meet-UP lasted for another 4 hours i.e. upto around 19:00 Hours. Unfortunately, Abhishek couldn’t join us for the Meet-UP. We discussed several things related to the planning of Maker Party. I wish I could share everything but I would like to keep that as a surprise for the beloved attendees of the Maker Party.


Look Forward To Be A Part of MozUP’s first Maker Party at Kanpur. You’ll love it !!


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