FoxYeah With Shahid Ji @Allahabad

I was very excited to hear that I could join Shahid Ji, for a FoxYeah Session at Allahabad. The last time I had met him was way back in 2013 was at IIIT, Allahabad. (No, please don’t try to find my excitement smile in the photo. I get tensed when I see a cam). We left for Allahabad at dawn on 19th July,2015 for an almost 5 hour journey.

From Left: Anurag Das, Kaustubh Shamshery, Rahul Mishra, Shahid Ji, Priyank Agarwal, Vnisha Srivastav, Ashish Mishra, Ravindra, Abhishek Gupta

Behind the journey:

We were in a little relax mode this time. It was good to see the community getting some time to get friendly and know each one more. I tried an old magic trick, I learned at Techkriti, IIT Kanpur, but I guess being out of practice made it epic fail. Adding this lesson learned to my rulebook. We also talked about personal views and points. We sang songs and cracked jokes all along in the train. I learned many things about the people I am working with. I discovered another set of traits about myself. Thanks to Joe Navarro, for teaching his skills & experiences. For now, I am not adding the things I learned, since I have developed some queries, to which I don’t have an answer. Silence and self introspection are best friends of an introvert. Hopefully, AISYC will give me sometime alone to find answers and improve as a human.

Chilling while Forward Journey

Anyway, reaching the venue was pretty easy. As we had reached, the venue before time, we decided to freshen up in a nearby mall. I won’t talk about the interiors and experience at the mall. However, when I walked out of that place, I recall I said “Jannat me aa gaye” (Translation: “We’re back to heaven”)
I guess this should say it all. 😛

In The FoxYeah Session:

The clock struck 11:000 hours and we dropped in at Friends Forever, the venue for the session. I prefer being with people that are constructive. Spend 15 minutes with them, and you would walk away with some new knowledge. This being the primary reason I’d wanted to meet Shahid Ji again. Soon, the man of joy walked in. After greeting and introductions we did began with the reason being there. We did talked about Firefox’s features. Meanwhile, we were also joined by Rahul Mishra Ji, Anurag Das and Kaustubh Shamshery from IIIT-A. Shahid Ji brilliantly explained us about the importance of Open Source. He solved all of our queries and gave us several community building tips. He shared his wide experience and case studies. We had meals together. Well, my hunger was already satisfied since I did had learned something. But to keep the glucose levels up, I did ate a slice of pizza.

Overall, it was a fun and learn experience. Not to mention I did earned 4 Rupees on the return journey. Will write a detailed post some other time, when the stress levels are little low.

Event Page:


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