The Craziest Three Photos I found for CPC #AISYC #thecrazyPIC

The competition was really tough. But somehow I managed to narrow it down to the final one:

3.  Utkarsh Rathi Seems funny to me. Maybe because I always evade birthday bashes.
Why this got filtered: Birthday cake bash pics are quite common. Utkarsh Rathi 2. Leroy J Vargis If I am not mistaken, I’ve found another like minded person, who probably prefers dhyan n asans similar to “shavasana”
Why this got filtered: The photo had people who have been there to help me. Courtesy, won’t permit me to even think of harming the bond of respect. 11755077_10207441420500837_7735565379161742225_n

1. Ajinkya Chawade Couldn’t find a better one. The top reason, I chose this photo is:
“Well, only the king wears the “crown”

Ajinkya Chawade

I did found a couple more initially. I wish I hadn’t missed Alka’s
“We’d love to see you guys making the most of this challenge…
and hence thought about a blog post earlier. Will add them later.


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