Grand Crowd Joined MozUP for supporting FoxYeah

Things get pretty easy & lovely when you’ve an awesome team to work with

After some no-breakfast days and sleep-less nights, the judgement day arrived. July 16th, 2015, a pretty rainy Thursday made it only more pleasurable to host our first event at Uptec, Lucknow. The event was hosted as a part of Firefox Spring Campaign: FoxYeah.

MozUP designing the venue for FoxYeah

The objective of this event was to spread the word about Mozilla and promote the Firefox Spring Campaign: FoxYeah. Vnisha started the session with introductions of the members of MozUP and attendees. The attendees were asked to reveal their name along with something they loved the most. As the session proceeded, attendees were told about FoxYeah & Mozilla. The attendees seemed very happy especially, after they were the video: The Mozilla Story.

Huge Crowd Came Out To Support FoxYeah
Huge Crowd Came Out To Support FoxYeah

The session moved forward, and attendees were told about various Mozilla products and tools. Students had many queries about: Firefox, Firefox OS, Thunderbird, Appmaker, Popcorn & Thimble. The students again seemed quite enthusiastic to learn that Appmaker allowed them to create apps without the need of knowing how to code. The video: Welcome To Firefox was cherished by the students.

Students speaking up
Attendees Came up to express Their Love about Firefox

The session was further continued by Abhishek, as he asked the attendees to share about their favorite Mozilla product and the reason behind it. Some of the attendees came up with quite interesting answers. However, personally I loved it when a student said that had he been aware about Firefox doing so much for the web, he must had supported Firefox a long time before. The session continued and attendees were told about various Mozilla Communities in India and MozUP.

Attendees being told about Contribution

We moved on to the one of the most important part of the session: FSA & Contributing To Firefox. The attendees were told about FSA’s, FSA activities, benefits and purpose. The students seemed quite excited to discover about the FSA program. As another activity, we discussed on “What will you choose to be: A Fox, A Dino, or A Red-Panda”. Again students came up with several great answers which were rewarded with stickers and swags.

MozUP Responding To Answers During Tech Quiz
MozUP Responding To Answers During Tech Quiz

Next, we introduced the attendees with various Contribution Areas in Mozilla and their importance. We had created a a Quiz based upon which bumper Firefox Goodies were distributed to the winners. Attendees came up with several queries especially regarding FSA program.

Attendees asking various questions after session
Attendees asking various questions after session
Prize Shirt
Winner Rewarded With FoxYeah T-Shirt
FoxYeah Mugs Being Awarded
FoxYeah Mugs Being Awarded

There were 120+ attendees which included UPTEC faculties and students which kept on increasing as time passed. We kept on awarding the attendees with Firefox Swags through out the session. We had some bumper Firefox goodies which included Mozilla Coffee Mugs and FoxYeah Shirt.

Event Page:

Additional photos:

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