What All Happened At MozCafe v1.0

The frying heat waves of the sun were forgotten on 26th May, Monday, as the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community sat down together at CCD, SRS Mall, Lucknow. Mentored by Shahid-Ji, the young community decided to meet out and plan future activities. The meet up primarily acted as an orientation session for young Mozillians. The meeting began with introductions and glasses of drinks. The #No_Tea_No_Coffee policy of the club lead, seemed to be broken as a glass of “Tropical Iceberg” came out from his mouth 😛. Later, in his defense, Priyank said that he ordered the drink randomly.

Things being Discussed
Things being discussed at the meet-UP

It was unfortunate that attendees weren’t able to connect with other#mozillians including Shahid-ji over web. Gladly their mobiles came to the rescue. Young FSA’s came up with innovative suggestions as they were introduced to Mozilla. FSA’s seemed to have some curiosities, regarding the FSA program. As the meeting proceeded, other things such as #kidzilla and requirement of a website for the Uttar Pradesh community were also a point of discussion for the gathered crew. Sources revealed that #mozillians_UP could be working on organizing a #maker_party very soon.

Coz we are mozillians
#mozillian #firefoxstudents #mozcafe

The meet up lasted for around 150 minutes. The attendees left with a word to meet back again within the next couple of weeks. Our sources, again revealed that a meetup could be happening in the first week of June. Although, we couldn’t track the details of the location. The meet-up was attended by (from left) Abhishek, Priyank, Ashish, Vnisha, Jyotsana,  Rajat, Parvez and Ravindra.


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