Introducing Mr. Larry

Internet is place to have fun. When it comes to humor, none can beat Mr.Larry.

With the eyes of a shrewd detective Mr.Larry is gifted with a face capable of making you happy even when you’re down. Since, I love his company so much, I had requested him to join me for a small chat and a glass of juice. My intentions were to appoint him as my blog manager. Below is just a summary of the small chat we had.

Mr. Larry

Me: Welcome.Mr.Larry. How’s you day going?
Mr.Larry: You talk stupid. You could had said something like wasssuupp. And don’t you get exhausted calling me Mr.Larry every time. You can call me Mr.L

Me: Okay! What’s up Mr.L ?
Mr.L:  Up is roof. Can’t you see we’re sitting in a room !! Anyways I am fine.

Me:  **Giggles** You’re funny Mr.L. Do you know why I have invited you over this glass of Juice?
Mr.L: Of course I do. Because you don’t like a cup of tea or coffee.

Me: Huh !! How did you figured that out? By the way, it isn’t the reason I’ve called you to meet today.
Mr.L: Hmm.. I’ll figure that out soon. Tell me something about yourself.

Me: Well Mr.L, I am currently an engineering student. I do what I am passionate about. In
Mr.L: Stop !! I get it. You’ve invited me to something important. I can see it in your eyes.

Me: That’s true. Since, you’re too funny, I was planning you to offer a role of managing my blog. Would you be interested in it?
Mr.L: Mhmmm. You’ve been nice to me so far. I’ll do it if you let me the power to add or delete content as per my wish.

Me: Exactly, that’s what I want you to do !!
Great. I’ll do it. And I guess I am leaving now, before my wife comes here with a stick to thrash me. I gotta take her to the beach. Give me a call tonight.

Me: Thanks for your time and have a great day Mr.Larry. Will call you tonight and discuss the rest of the things.
Mr.L: Cyaaaa. *Leaves the room*


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